Reading Filak’s work, i find it very helpful when he talked about Learning How To Think. My favorite part is when he says, “learning material is not the same as think, let alone engaging in critical thinking.” I agree with what he says there because i feel as if it’s something we can all learn off of. Learning something and thinking something are two very different concepts.

Thinking open-mindedly is also something a journalist needs to do. It’s important to keep your views open to what the person has to say/tell you. Being open minded will also open doors for more questions you may think of on the go as a reporter and lead you to a more juicy story.

Not letting your ego get in the way goes hand in hand with being open minded in my mind. Not allowing your ego to be in the way of what story you need to cover is important. Your ego can impact your attitude towards a person you’re interviewing or also not allow you to think open mindedly about a topic you are discussing as a journalist.


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