The Knight chapter came as a nice review of what we discussed in class before the break, although with a different context. I was reminded of why we don’t use anything but “said” for attributions, and learned the few cases where it’s okay. I realize I often mention being an English major and a writing tutor in these, but those use some of the same skills that this class needs: clear, honest communication. It was a good little refresher.

The Filak chapter, on the other hand. I am tired of being told the importance of critical thinking skills. I grew up in the gifted program, so critical thinking skills have been shoved into my skull since first grade. I am well aware of them, thank you very much. I can discern what is and isn’t helpful for a story, what to put in or take out that creates the best picture for the reader. I understand the importance and everyone’s education differs. There are things some people weren’t taught that you were, and it’s important to meet the needs of all students. But critical thinking is as easy as breathing for me, and it’s been put on a pedestal my whole life and I’m tired.


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