RR 7: Basic Reporting and Beyond Basic Reporting

In chapter seven, this was a review for me on how to find sources and plan interviews. It was a recap on how when I was in high school finding soucres and getting interviews planned were the hardest part of a story.

My favorite section in this chapter was the part about making sure you’re sure. They told us to make sure to go back through our work and read word for word to make sure a quote is correct.

The parts on conferences and sports events were interesting because it never hit me that, in a room full of reporters, everyone has the same verison of a story. With sporting events it’s all about the game and understanding the game to report on it.

Chapter eight, was about news reporting just about, and this style of story was never my favorite to be on. I find news stories to be a lot and sometimes can be too narrow, in my own opinion.

They talk in a section about how to find stories in everyday life, and how finding a story that people will care about requires a lot fo critcal thinking. This doesnt surpirise me for it’s a lot to think about in general.

Beat reporting was an interesting section because of the types: thematic, geographic and conceptual. These three areas made me think that a lot of stories focus on the conceptual beat for it’s more of a differnet view point on stories, and everyone wants that story that stands out.

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