Reading Response 6: Thinking Critically While Honestly Writing

Writing a good story can be a daunting task when taking into consideration the amount of work that goes into the process as well as when making an attempt to think critically when information comes at you like a speeding bullet, however this can be remedied by writing down everything heard on the spot without omissions. By doing this the information is 100 percent accurate and allows the reader to believe the facts right in front of them when the story is read. Being clear and not treating the reader like a moron who knows nothing of a subject is a good start however the use of highly technical jargon shouldn’t be used. Embellishing should also be avoided to reduce confusion and help add to a writers own credibility.

Writers should have a “passion for accuracy” as said by Knight and should strive to bring the news to the public in an honest manner with the same sentiments being mirrored by Filak. Keeping the facts straight can be tough in the modern era with misinformation being widespread however the source of information should always be known when reporting to keep this accuracy. By informing the reader correctly they can form their own thoughts and ideas on a topic while not having to pick through politically charged articles. This encourages readers to further research after the news has been read to inform themselves even more.

FIlak and Knight hold the integrity of the news writer highly and their advice should be followed by writers daily.


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