Reading Response 7

After reading this chapter, I was refreshed on some things I already knew but also a few things I that I did not recognize. This chapter reminded me what it takes to be a good journalist.

One of the things I did not recognize was beat reporting. I never really heard of the word “beat” when it comes to journalism. I feel like that is something I should have known but now I know what it is after reading and doing some research on the topic.

Beat reporting is also known as specialized reporting. It is a type of journalism that goes into in-depth reporting on a particular issue. You need to be familiar with the topic in order to be a beat reporter. You can do research to learn more about the topic you are reporting or you can make friends inside the business and listen to their advice. I feel like making connections and communicating will be the most effective way to be successful in beat reporting.

After reading this chapter I learned a lot of new information. This information will help me in this class and in my future plans.


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