Keaton Benfield Reading Response #7

These two chapters helped refresh my memory on some of the key concepts that we must all keep in mind when reporting as well as when we are gathering information in order to report our complete findings. Some segments of Chapter 7 were bits of information that we should have already ingrained within our minds, but it was also a nice thing to read again, just to be sure that I remembered most of it. Having correct grammar or numbers / statistical data is very important, as always, and both are things that we all strive to always have.

Another interesting part of this chapter was the various explanations of events and interests that can be covered, as well as the steps we must take if things do not go as planned. We must be quick to adapt to the changes that may unexpectedly come our way, which I know is something that I could work on!

I’ve always heard the term “beat” when watching the news and I’ve never gotten around to looking that up to see the significance it had for news reporting, but now I know and I’m very interested! There are various types of beats and they can all sometimes branch off into even smaller sections that can handle specific coverage of different areas for a more in-depth story.

These concepts and pieces of advice will really help me through the disaster drill that is coming up soon. I’m still nervous about that one, but after reading these sections, there are ways to work around that, to keep calm and make sure that the information that is needed is collected and shared in a professional manner.

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