Chapter 7 seems like a common sense chapter, but is also a good reminder for good journalism. Be prepared, understand why you’re there, be flexible, and look outside the event you’re covering.

Beat reporting is a very specific type of reporting that leads to more knowledge in one area. Thematic, conceptual, and geographical beats are three broad categories beat reporting typically falls in. In order to be a beat reporter, a journalist needs to be knowledgeable in the topic he or she is reporting. Listening to stories and advice from other people in the field is a good way to do so. Making friends, seeking out sources, building up a document file and talking to the boss are also good ways to become knowledgeable in a beat.

There’s nothing wrong with reading older stories about the beat either. This will help to make the point of the beat and the style of the publication more prominant, and help the journalist write a story better-fitted to the audience he or she is trying to reach.

Profile stories often take more than one interview in order to get as much information as possible. They might also require more than just a primary source as well.


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