RR6: Critical Thinking and An Appearance of Honesty

This chapter really goes into how the though process. A sentence that stuck out was, “good journalists are both proactive and reactive as they survey the chessboard that is their story,” (pg 22). This stood out to me most by the use of chessboard.

I see where they were getting at and I like how it’s seen as a strategy instead of just random moves.

In Knight, the section on respecting the reader was interesting for the statement, “it can lead to generalizations that make your copy bland and riddled with sterotypes,” (pg 179).

This section really made me think about about this. I got that instead of telling the reader what is what, it’s more important to let the reader decide for themsleve what something is either difficult or scary.

The examples give a lot of insight for how to write these types of lines.

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