RR5 Knight, Chapter two & Filak, Chapter one

These two chapters covered how to tell a story properly and grab a readers attention. Like discussed in class you want to show the reader not tell them what is going on in the story. Knight expresses, “too much description can kill a story”. While Filak says, “you have to write for your audience and not yourself”.

Knight tells the readers to work on crafting a lede and create a dialogue from it. The dialogue method insures that there is no stop sign in your story. Instead it is a bridge of transitions that flow and make the story interesting and exciting .

Filak applies to these three rules when writing for an audience. One write for your audience; meaning make the story tailored to a specific group and not a broad audience. Two don’t click bait the readers because you need to be fair and objective. If you don’t give them legit information they can always go somewhere else and read. Finally, find the most interesting element in the story and focus on that work to help build a strong and valuable story.

In conclusion, these two chapters showed me how I can further my writing skills to make my writing more fascinating and enjoyable to read.


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