After reading Filaks writing, I do believe our generation is sadly losing our attention spans. If the reader doesn’t like what you’re saying or isn’t interested in it within the first lines, they will move on to the next best thing. I think in today’s world there is too much information and different types of it (true/false) to have a reader feel more at free will to move on to the next best article even if it may not be true. The clickbait articles can grab the readers attention faster with false information than a true article can sometimes.

After reading Knight, I feel as if I need to make my writings more “juicy” and to get the readers attention for the sake of newsworthiness. Also being able to keep the reader entertained in it and have the reader want to keep reading more. Knowing your audience is also an important part of writing. Writing a story for ESPN but it not being sports related, isn’t going to go too far.

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