After reading Filak and Knight’s writings on the emphasis of keeping the stories and works relatable for an audience. It also made me see the importance of journalism and how capturing the reader early is important, because if you don’t get their attention in the lead you might lose them completely, and you have to know your target audience to get the readers you are looking for.

One problem a lot of journalist usually gets hit with is “fake news” and many news outlets, whether that be, newspapers, websites, magazines etc… are often accused of this. Both Filak and Knight expand on this and say that some journalists provide false information in order to capture the audience. This could be a good strategy they say but, often times, these reporters and journalists often get a bad name and are seen as non-credible news sources after repeated offenses. 

Filak and Knight also go over ways to get information out that multiple reporters are also doing stories over. The authors tell us to make our writings unique to us and recommend we get different takes from what the other journalists might write. 

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