RR 5

Both Filak and Knight try to convey to us, the readers, that attention must be kept throughout an article. I know as a consumer of news and casual articles myself, it is extremely difficult to keep me interested because there is so much false information out there. When I’m reading anything, I always question the writer and wonder if anything I’m reading is accurate. This is mostly due to me growing up in this day in age, when fake news is at its peek, and doesn’t seem to be subsiding any time soon.

Another really difficult thing I find for writers to do is to be fresh and come up with newer things to write about. It seems as though most of the things we read in the media have been done before. If this is the case, Filak and Knight recommend being able to relate with the readers and intrigue them. That way if the information has been done many times before, you can at least have a more interesting and different take on it.


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