RR 5

This section in both Filak and Knights covers how you get a reader to keep reading. This builds off the last chapters like creating a “sexy” lead. This is to grab the reader but then you have to keep them once you have them. One way to keep them is to make the story fit the audience its reaching. A example would be a south Georgia newspaper covering a rise in crime in Chicago, no one is going to read it and care because it doesn’t apply to them in anyway.

A very popular way of trying to keep a readers attention is by just lying to them. Fake news is everywhere and it works because if you see a story about Trump and the Queen getting in fight to the death you’re going to click on it. In reality they just said some small remark to one another but you’ve already read to see what happens. Though this method is effective it is harmful to everyone involved by spreading lies ,and wasting time of the reader with lies and destroying your credibility.


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