Reading Response 5: Catering to an Audience

When writing to inform, the reader must be taken into account. Catering the information and adjusting larger words and jargon can be a good thing, however the reader should never be underestimated. Finding an audience can be an important task to accomplish so the work done by the writer doesn’t fall on deaf ears. When finding the correct audience the waters should be tested before jumping right in with massive stories.

Finding something news worthy and exciting can be a difficult task due to numerous events occurring in the world, so when writing the story it’s best to locate stories that pertain to the audience. An event in a locale town on the other side of the globe with no impact on the world at large should be avoided unless writing for a global audience. The writer should also seek to write in a distinct manor from their colleagues to make themselves stand out to the media world.

Writing for the media world has its own challenges when compared to fictional and non news stories. Finding the audience and making sure the story pertains to them, challenges the writer to think outside the box when writing the story.

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