I Literally Have No Fancy Title for This One: RR5

The fact about humans having a shorter attention span than goldfish is a bit sad, but as a person who gets distracted fairly easy and always has her head in the clouds, I know how important it is to start a story off strong and to keep it strong in order to keep the audience reading what you have written.

Knight and Filak both touch on the importance of knowing the audience you are writing for and how to keep your audience reading what you have written. I think it is very important to know how to capture an audience and how to start off with a good lede.

The words infotainment and demolisticals from Filak’s are new words for me and I’m still unsure as to what demolistical means, but I find them both interesting words and might be worth looking further in to.

Knowing how to decipher what is newsworthy and what is not is very important so you can avoid just spitting out facts.

With all the different ways to get your news nowadays, it can be hard to know what is fact and what is just fan fiction, and knowing where your sources are coming from – whether writing or reading – are important so you can be sure you are receiving the most accurate and truth-filled story possible.

I wish Knight talked more on photojournalism than just that one paragraph because it is something I’m very much interested in, but I understand this is a journalistic writing book and not a photjournalism book.

Overall, interesting chapters and can’t wait to see what’s next. I might learn some more new words

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