Keaton Benfield Reading Response 5

For Knight and Filak, understanding your audience and making sure that their attention is kept throughout an article— whether it is online or in print– is a crucial part of journalism. Knowing your audience and writing with specific questions in mind regarding their interests and the information that affects them is also something that is emphasized and encouraged in order to convey newsworthy stories in any media format in the modern age.

Media outlets have grown over the years and social media has become a point of interest for people to get their news and other stories. However, with this comes an issue of credibility. Television, newspapers, magazines and any online format can be biased or even pander to a particular target audience, resulting in “fake news.” Filak and Knight both write about this in their texts and how credible journalists combat sources such as this.

Another thing that really stuck with me is the ability to resonate with your readers,  giving them credible outlets and being fair all while entertaining them and keeping them interested in the topics that you are discussing, even if the subject isn’t something seen as exciting, like taxes for example, as shown from Knight. Knowing what works as well as what should not be done really improves one’s own writing and ability to convey the newsworthy events in an interesting and thought provoking manner.


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