RR5: Knight 2, Filak 1

Who would read the articles journalists write if no one found them interesting? According to Filak and Knight, this is the journalists responsibility – to make the story relevant to the readers.

“This is a goldfish and it has a longer attention span than your readers do,” said Filak. “That means we have to work a lot harder and a lot smarter to get their attention span and keep it.”

If not serious about their profession, Journalists could often succumb to fake new and bending the media to their biases, weakening their reputations amongst professionals and the people. These people, like Filak said, take advantage of the people that want their own biases confirmed and search the web for confirmation bias.

Knight points out the decisions of which stuff is newsworthy enough to go into the lead and the article. In my past two pieces, I have struggled with making decisions about the topic of the articles and what main points I use. I never thought about the information being in the lead as important as the information in the story.

I have a pet peeve when it comes to social biases, fake news and agenda setting. The news is a story, not a campaign for people to trash their enemies.


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