Dr. Gene Pease

Not everybody has the ability to teach. Some believe they can while not making an attempt to understand the blights of their students, however others, like Dr. Gene Pease, teach to the best of their abilities and deeply care for the students. Pease has been the Director of Disability Support at Piedmont College for three years and in those years, she has met some of the nicest students in her career.

Having been a teacher of teachers for years this seemed like a natural fit due to her experience with all types of people she deals with in her field. From her experience she has also learned that the faculty here at Piedmont is filled with those that seek to help students to the most of their abilities. Working relationships with these people are also excellent with teachers taking the time from their busy schedules to even assist other faculty members.

Students such as Jiro Kurokawa, frequently call her one of the nicest teachers, and many believes that everyone should visit her at least once during their stay. With these low class sizes teachers can have more one on one time with their students so they can find problems and rid the students of them easily. Pease also believes that due to the SAIL program, which provides help to freshman allowing them to get acquainted with college life sooner, the students also feel as if they belong and can succeed during their time here. “The thing that has kept me here for all these years is the collaboration between students and faculty.” She says when asked on why she’s stayed for so long.
“The Success Center is a safe place,” she says. “Nothing leaves this office unless permission is given.” It’s clear that Pease cares about the students and their privacy. When people visit the center, due to the large variety of services provided by the school such as job assistance, tutoring, COMPASS help, and counseling nobody can make judgement on the students using the facility since nobody know the reason they’re there for.

After years of working at Piedmont College, Pease shows no sign of stopping her unending support for the students at this school. The Student Success Center is a success due to her and the countless others working with her to bring knowledge and acceptance to those in need at Piedmont, making them feel at home even when miles away.

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