Ty Thomaswick Profile

When students need help navigating the financial aid process, Ty Thomaswick is there for them. She is the first face they see when they enter, and the last voice they hear as they leave.  

Ty Thomaswick was born in Piqua, Ohio. “What could I say about Piqua? Well… it’s a very small town with mostly farmland. I liked it though. It was home.” 

Thomaswick has long been involved with her town church, and when her church moved down to Georgia in the summer before her senior year of high school, she decided to follow along at the young age of 17. Looking for colleges in the state, she became interested in Piedmont College, later becoming a Resident Assistant of GB and Swanson. “Piedmont was such a great environment for me, and I loved my classes and teachers. The education here is very special.” After graduating, she was looking for places to work, and figured that her alma mater would be the best for her, as Thomaswick loves helping young people and was ready to transition into this workplace. She was hired as a financial aid assistant in 2018, “… one of my majors is in business, so I knew when the opportunity came up it was something I could do,” she said. “I’ve always loved helping students with whatever comes up.” 

When she’s not crunching numbers or filling out files, Ty Thomaswick loves to do crafts, music, cooking, hiking and playing board games with her husband, to whom she has been married for two years now. She is also still in her church choir, in which she sings and plays instruments such as the piano, violin, guitar and standard keyboard.  

Thomaswick encourages students to take advantage of their time at Piedmont. “… get involved on campus and take advantage of every opportunity you can get your hands on,” she said. “This is only four years, so make every second count.” 

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