The Life of Justin White

From crossing the Grand Teton Mountains in a Kia Soul to zip lining with supermodels Justin White continues to “send it.”

“You just have to push it, you have to think about it and you have to see what is surrounding you,” he said, “you can’t just sit there and accept the circumstances.”

Adventuring has always been in Justin’s DNA, and his journey has since led him to be the assistant director of student activities and wellness at Piedmont College. The way he got here was not planned but “by chance.” He said, “Life is kinda like a road, you just gotta pick one and just go.”

Life is all about seeking discomfort and stepping out of your comfort zone and making that leap of faith. White has fully embodied this mindset throughout his adventures in life.

“All right, here we go!”
Teton National park is one of the most majestic mountain ranges here in the U.S. But when Justin White takes it on he goes to different lengths to trek through it. When asked by one of his friends if he wanted to go camping in the Tetons, he was quick to accept the offer. But there would be no normalcy to it, driving through the back country of Teton National Park, White had all of his belongings in his 2012 Kia Soul as he was moving at the time and decided to take on this treacherous adventure. While encountering a few Bison crossings and enjoying the Midwest scenery, they soon came across a river and had to make a decision to cross. He simply said, “All right, here we go!”

“He always encourages me to do the absolute most.” “Always give it 100 percent, and just ‘full send it’ as he says” Said Noah Wood, an employee of White’s at the Piedmont rock wall.

Just “sending it” is a major part of Justin’s life and he makes sure to let everyone know that if they are hesitating with something in life, to just “Send it.”

A friend of White, said he is always encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone. Close friend Cordell Jones said, “By always pushing folks, whether it be in the form of random excursions or just having new experiences.”

From being a thrill seeker to connecting with students at Piedmont, White said it is important to keep an open mind.

“Say you are sitting down and you have a plate of food and everyone else has a plate of food, you just can’t sit there and eat your food and be content with it. You have to try a little but from each one. You just have to travel out and see what is out there and experience the differences in the world.”

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