In chapter 1, Filak says that good journalism is using the skills that make a good writer to benefit other people. Writing for a purpose makes an impact on people, making the journalist’s voice heard and introducing readers to the person, topic or issue the journalist is addressing.

Infotainment is a large source of news for many people, but can also be detrimental in spreading true and important news. Parodies are funny and spread news, but they can also be taken out of context and create more controversy.

Knight mentions that certain broadcasts or stories go out to certain audiences. It is important to know who an author is writing for, so as to include the most relevant information to that specific group of people.

A good journalist must also be able to decide what is considered “newsworthy.” Nowadays, there are so many sites dedicated to pleasing/humoring audiences with fascinating, yet unimportant topics that make no difference in society. However unimportant these articles are in the grand scheme of things, people still continue to read them in order to escape responsibilities and to have a little down time. Knowing your audience as a writer makes a huge impact on what you write and how it is received.

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