Will Sargent: Floating through life

Whether he’s long boarding or studying, this sophomore is enjoying everyday.

“I’m floating through the times of life taking each day as it comes.”

Although hes not just some balloon adrift in life. Will is working toward a degree in sports communication.

“Hopefully becoming something with a major sports team taking stats.”

This interest in sports is nothing new for Will. It has been a lifelong obsession .

“There hasn’t been a day I haven’t been around (sports) one from a young age.”

Even though a injury has taken Will out of the game, the game hasn’t been taken out of him.

“I told myself in middle school that if I couldn’t make it in sports id wanna be as close as I can to sports.”

Lacrosse holds a special place in his heart.

“because not many know about it or play it so just being one of those few.”

When he gets his degree he hopes to change this and see his sport touch other kids just like him.

“Yes I do hold it close to my heart and want to see it grow and it s growing and I want to be a part of that.”

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