There’s No Crying in Baseball!- A Zach Swindell Interview

“I wanted to be a high school baseball coach,” says Zach Swindell, a second year student at Piedmont College, about his difficulty in securing his desired major. He first attended a junior college before making the switch to Piedmont College, and during his previous college years he delved into a physical education major due to his wanting to teach the upcoming youth about the importance of physical activity. However, upon realizing Piedmont College didn’t offer said major, he decided to give a sports communication major a try. Zach Swindell was intimidated at first, but with a positive attitude and a wonderful atmosphere, he easily fell in love with it.

Zach Swindell, born in Newnan, Georgia, has been playing baseball for as long as he can remember. Sports, in general, have always been a major part of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Coming from a gargantuan high school, he says that joining the Piedmont College baseball team is like a breath of fresh air, stating that “Being a part of a small family like that gives me the opportunity to make a lot of life long friends. I do believe that the people I meet here now will be with me for life.”

When asked what he would tell students going into his major, he lead with a hearty smile and said “Enjoy it! How can you dread something you love doing?”

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