Zoe Hunter Profile Story

Changing majors in college is common as students decide on career paths. Changing majors to hone in on a career chosen before college is less common. However, one Piedmont College student has done just that.

“I knew I wanted to be a travel photographer before I got here, but I wasn’t sure how to do it,” Zoe Hunter, a freshman art and mass communications double major, said.

Although Hunter thought about pursuing a culinary degree, she said she always wanted cameras growing up and liked traveling. Hunter also cited being a visual learning and having a curious nature.

“Last summer, everything kinda clicked. I realized it was a passion of mine,” Hunter said. “I really just want to travel all over and discover the world.”

Hunter started at Piedmont this past fall as a business and art double major, but found that business wasn’t working for her. Then she learned about the photojournalism aspect of Piedmont’s mass communications program, and decided to change her major.

As to whether or not it will stick, Hunter seems pretty sure of the major change. “I ain’t going back to business.”

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