Julie Dreier: A Woman Seeking Success

Prompt 1

At the age of 46, mother of three, Julie Dreier owns two business: one in marketing and advertising and Girl in Paris, based in Clarksville, GA. Girl in Paris has been set to receive its registered trademark on March 12th. The company has been open since 2006 and has recently been gaining traction with high profile clients like Zac Brown Band and a personal friend of Dreier’s who has retired from flying Barack Obama in Marine 1 to open a flight business of his own.

“I’m super excited I got my swag,” Julie Dreier said.

Ms. Julie Dreier was not a success overnight, she endured trials and tribulations to become the woman she is today. After working three jobs and trying to go to school, Dreier put her goal of graduating on hold in order to raise a family. She lost a child at 36 weeks old in 1997.

“People act different when they learn that the child I lost was a miscarriage, there is no comparison of the pain. I never got to bring him home either.”

She has been patient through her eight year engagement, awaiting the day she may walk down the aisle to the man she loves. Dreier has returned to school to pursue a degree. It is her dream to walk across the stage in a cap and gown with a diploma in hand.

“It would be like putting in missing puzzle pieces,” Julie Dreier said.


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