Emily Pierce: Short Profile

Growing up, Emily Pierce always wanted to be a Language Arts educator for young children, and by the end of her high school years from Parkview High, Pierce was certain of her calling to be a teacher. Going in to Piedmont College as an English Education major, she thought she could do no wrong, but the farther Pierce got into her education major, the more she realized teaching wasn’t for her. Despite not wanting to be a teacher anymore, Pierce still had a passion for helping and educating people and keeping others informed.

At the crossroads of her decision, she discovered Social Justice – or more, social justice found her. She was the guinea pig for the Lillian Smith Scholarship Program here at Piedmont and during her time here and she was given the opportunity to intern at a Reforming Arts for women at the Lee Arrendale State prison, which she states was an eyeing experience for her. Currently in her senior year here at Piedmont College, Pierce is working on a presentation on Lillian Smith and her book Killers of the Dream, which isn’t widely known.

Pierce still pursues English as her main focus and plans to graduate this year with a B.A. in English, and as for her plans after college, Pierce hopes to attend UGA’s graduate program to continue her love of English and study more on Lillian Smith’s life and works. “


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