Profile: Austin Elliott by Keaton Benfield

The ability to say or write exactly what one means is a valuable skill to have. That is what 21-year-old Piedmont College student Austin Elliott wants to stress to anyone pursuing a career involving any type of writing or communication that benefits from having these skills.

“I would urge more people to try writing a script. You have to be concise, so you have to say what you mean and you have to take this huge idea that you have. You have to say exactly what you mean as concisely as you can, and more people need to be able to have that skill,” Elliott said.

In his free time, or when he is able, Elliott helps his friend Sam with a short film series called “Tell Me a Story” that is currently in production. Even though he loves making films, Elliott does not want to turn it into a full-time career.

“That is not my career path at all. I could probably turn it into a career, but I don’t want to,” Elliott said. “I still do films all the time and it means a lot to a lot of people and it’s cool, so that’s why I do it.”

Despite his decision to not pursue filmmaking, Elliott is very passionate about his projects, and while he works on his family’s farm, Sunburst Stables, he thinks about trying to be a radio journalist in the future.

“I would absolutely be a radio journalist. I would love to have a podcast. I think that would be the coolest thing ever to do that on the side, as like a side hustle,” Elliott said.

While creating his short films or getting involved in journalism, Elliott discovers the importance of being concise. He knows that he must first be aware of how to convey the ideas that he wants to put out into the world.

“If you write a script and you put those things on paper of a situation that maybe is from your own life, you can get really good at exactly what you want to say,” Elliott said. “If you get good at writing what you want to say, you can get good at saying what you want to say, too. The world would be a much better place.”

Elliott continuously strives to improve his own work and his writing skills. He often finds new ways to not only help himself but those around him, as well, all while remaining proud of the work he has already produced.

“You’re always looking for what the next cool scene, setting, view, inspiration is going to be,” Elliott said. “What’s around the next corner is always really exciting.”

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