Conner Jelley: A Short Profile

Hailing from the north a future sports caster finds himself in a warmer place. Seeking an escape from the enveloping cold weather taking Indiana this student brought himself to leave and find an education here in Northern Georgia. While Conner came to this school seeking an education he has also resolved himself to the struggles of competing in the local baseball team, no doubt brought about from his early involvement in the sport from his father once being scouted for an MLB team.

Conner has honed his skills like a needle taking up position as the third baseman as well as the middle in-fielder here at Piedmont. Having high hopes for the season he has gone on record stating that he thinks the team will do well this season. The current score for the team is sitting at 2 wins and 2 losses and according to this player if they win the season will rely on the mindset of the team as a whole.

With great hopes for his team Conner strives to keep hopes high for the season and is willing to give it his all to win as many games as possible.


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