Brittany Gowen Profile

By: Ansleigh Harrison

Lacrosse isn’t necessarily the big sport in south Georgia, but Brittany Gowen, a member of the Piedmont College girls lacrosse team, pursues it with passion. Gowen, however, didn’t originally start her athletic career as a lacrosse player.

“I was playing softball for thirteen years. And it got to the point where high school softball is full of politics-well any sport, really, in high school, is full of politics. The coach moved up one of the other girls instead of me, which was younger, all because her dad was on the board,” said Gowen.

Gowen felt as if all of her hard work and talent was going to waste. After chatting with her mom after practice one day, Gowen made the decision to quit softball and pursue lacrosse instead.

“Forget softball. I’m not playing next year. I’m gonna play lacrosse,” said Gowen during her high school softball career.

Gowen played three sports during her sophomore year of high school, but only went on to pursue lacrosse in college. The sport resonated with her in a way that basketball and softball did not.

When asked why she chose to play lacrosse, Gowen responded “it’s upbeat. And I guess because I saw potential in myself in it, cause I was getting to the point in softball where I was just gonna burn out.”

Gowen didn’t always see herself quitting softball to play lacrosse, but taking that step led her to where she is today. Gowen’s story is proof that life doesn’t always work out the way one hopes, but it can lead to something even better.

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