RR4: Chapter 3


My favorite part about writing for news or yearbook is writing ledes. They are clever, witty and punny, yet I only thought of them as short sentences. I never thought of them as being able to control half of a story or text. This is a skill I hope to develop in my writing, for I have always wondered how authors could see the bigger picture when they were only on page three. This is not a skill gained overnight, but one acquired with time and patience. It is a craft.

I like the “Nut-Graf” approach, it allows the writer room to inform the uncultured public about what is going on in the world. It is also a style I follow that I did not know had a title.


Well at least this guy spells leads right. The two chapters have more in common with each other than just the number, they also share the same topic. Reading one after the other is quite repetitive, however, Filak did offer more types of leads than Knight did. Some include the “Many people/ Some people/Everybody/Nobody” leads, “You” leads and Second-day leads. Filak also goes into more detail to help readers develop their leads by introducing the inverted pyramid and the encouraging the use of quotes.


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