In chapter 3 of Knight’s book, ‘ledes’ are heavily touched on. In my experience, I have always liked a very interesting lede, but I hate it when the writer gives too much away. The trick is to write a thorough enough lede that allows the reader to completely follow you, while also leaving them wanting more, thus being more intrigued in your writing. It’s all about grabbing the readers attention, not giving them the entire story off the bat! Let the reader feen a little. Let them wait.

In chapter 3 of Filak’s book, citing is discussed. In English class, we are taught to cite everything and anything that can be cited. Underciting is specifically a big problem that English professors like to get on students about. However, Filak mentions that this isn’t a problem, nor is overciting. As long as you don’t stray from your original source, citing should be a one and done type of thing. Changing sources, however, is a different story. Then, only then, should you begin to cite again.


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