RR 4

The lede is a pretty important part of a story for the sake of getting readers to read the whole story and keep wanting more. The lede sets the tone for the rest of the piece you’re writing. Reading about how some people want the lede to be 25 words or less makes me somewhat stress out. It makes me think of trying to get all my good points out in 25 words which is personally hard to do because I’m quiet a wordy person when it comes to papers.

In my mind, a good lede me think of click-bait where random click-bait websites have a good title to some article through a link to their website just to get views or clicks. True or not, click-bait hooks people and gets a lot of people to click on the fake news titles just for the views. I believe if you have a good lede to your story and/or title, you can do the same for the readers.


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