Reading Response 4

In Chapter 3 Knight focuses in on ledes. Ledes help lead the reader on, getting them invested in what they are about to read. This makes ledes important so reader actually reads all of what you wrote. Ledes should interest a reader in what you wrote without telling the whole story. If you tell the whole story in the first few sentences what is the point of continuing to read. Ledes are tricky to execute effective but the payout is necessary to get your whole story out there, not just the beginning.

In Chapter 3 Filak also talks about ledes but spells it leads. Filak mentions name recognition leads, probably the fastest way to get clicks on your story is to throw some famous person’s name in there, and BAM you have a story! Leads or ledes are all about gaining interest on your story so people actually read it. It’s up to Journalist to make a interesting story without skewing the truth, harder than it sounds.

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