Reading Response 4

The lede of a story is a very important piece of the article. It should pretty much provide a summary of what is to come in your story. The lede is normally the first sentence or the first paragraph of the story, giving the reader insight on the rest of the story. Knight talks about the impact of leading the story with a question, but it is sometimes not good to lead with one. This is because it can cause the reader to get confused and not know the answer, therefore making the reader want to stop.

The most valuable information to your story should go at the beginning. This is why the lede is so valuable and it is important to start off on the right direction for the reader. Filak also talks about citing, and how over-citing something isn’t really a huge issue. On the other hand under-citing isn’t a huge problem either. He states that its better to leave out a citation if the source stays the same, however. I have always found citing my sources to be a difficult part of the paper, because sometimes to forget to do it or i don’t know wether to put a citation or not. So Filak’s explanation helped me understand better.


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