Lede or No Followers: Reading Response 4

A strong lede makes for a strong story and Filak and Knight both emphasize on how important a strong lede is. The lede is the most important part of any story and gives insight into what the story is about. It starts the story off and must flow to tell what’s happening next. The authors believe a lede should grab the attention of the audience and a good lede makes the readers want more and to continue reading. Whenever I write, I try to open with something fun or clever or something that will catch the reader’s eye, but I never get any feedback, so I could just be doing my opening statements all wrong my entire life and will never know it.

Whenever I have to write a lede (or in my case, an introduction paragraph) for an academic English paper, I often struggle to figure out how I am going to start my essay. I often get so frustrated with how I am going to start my essay, that I end up skipping the introduction all together moving on to the body paragraphs, but then end up having to scramble together my introduction paragraph at the last minute. Writing a lede is something I’ve never had to do before, so I don’t really know if I am good at it or not. Filak gives a helpful hint on how to build a good lede by focusing on the 5W’s and the 1H of who, what, when, where, why and how and I think keeping those key points in mind when I have to write my first lede will be helpful to me.

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