Christian Castro: RR4- What is Lede?

When I first read chapter 3 from both books I had no idea what lede is. Reading the chapters, I now know it is the opening paragraph talking about the summary of a story. It is a guide for the reader on what is ahead in the reading and typically in less than 25 words. Knight says if the lede is important to the reader they will continue to read the story. A lede can summarize, tease, entice, evoke, and provide facts to the reader. The lede also provides the writer with the special tool of organization and ultimately saves the writer time on making a deadline to a newspaper. Filak says, the lede should serve as a guide for you to write the body of the story and every sentence should contain a little information that advances and supports the initial sentence.

Heading into the first story assignment should be interesting now that both Knight and Filak showed a foundation on how to make a story worth reading. To my knowledge, the lede is another smart method I’m going to incorporate into my first story. It challenges us, writers, to stay away from wordiness and to keep it simple.


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