The lede should highlight the who, what, when, where and why aspects of the story. The lede doesn’t have to be just the first paragraph of the story; it can be even the third and fourth paragraphs too. Leading with a question  can cause the reader to feel as if he must have an answer, and can disinterest the reader from the entire story if he cannot relate to the lede.

Although there are several forms of ledes, they should always emphasize the point of the story. The whole point of a lede is to grab the reader’s attention, so the lede should make the reader want to read more. Most writers think that they should increase the severity or sexiness of the story as they write, saving the best for last. Information the reader needs to know should go at the beginning, however, because he can stop reading at any time.

Filak says that neither overciting nor not citing enough is wrong in journalism. I find this interesting since we live in a world where plagiarism is such a big deal. However, if the source doesn’t change, not citing every single sentence seems logical so as to avoid wordiness and keep the story straightforward.


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