RR #4: Leading the Reader on & Basics of Writing

In leading the reader on I like how it goes into how a good lede is a lead regardless of how it is. There was a part where it says it’s worth repeating because you have to save the lede. I was interested to read how leads can change the way you go about the story.

The part about generic and dull ledes because it tells you that the reader will most definitely of already knew the information you give them.

In the basics of writing it gives you a more interpersonal way of how ledes can come across. The helpful hints in the book are very helpful, obviously, for the way it goes into a further perspective towards the topic.

The question leads were defiantly my favorite part of this section because it was interesting to realize how often this is used on us, especially on twitter.

This whole section went into a good depth of how to go into the forms we use most often without relizing.


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