RR #3

This chapter covers interviews which is something I have experience in. Interviewing is at the core of journalism and any form of media. If you cant work with your guest you wont get a quality answer to your questions. Good answers require good answers from the interviewer. Back when the wildfires occurred I had to interview the head trainer and coordinator of the firefighters. She walked out on a ABC reporter the day before I had my interview. The first thing I reviewed was my questions to make sure they were open ended and correlated to create a flow. She enjoyed my interview and we built a lasting business relationship because of it.

Filak goes over interviewing but with more of a emphasis on prep work. This includes getting to know the person which is crucial to forming good questions. The ABC reporter didn’t do this as the first few questions were knowledge that should’ve been said in her introduction. The person being interview will always appreciate you going the extra mile for them.


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