In chapter 4, Knight brought up some very good interviewing skills. Interviewing is a huge part in the Journalism business. Interviewing gives you great information for the topic you are talking about. I love to watch interviews on TV, especially after sports games. The interviewer always asks solid questions and each person they interview has their own unique way of answering. The person interviewing someone always has to ask the right questions and always have a plan B. A lot can go wrong while interviewing someone but if you are prepared it should go smoothly.

Knight says to treat the interviewee as a human being. The interviewee is able to give good information but if the interviewer gets caught up on who the interviewee is rather then what information they are receiving, it is not a good interview. For example, if someone is interviewing a legend like Lebron James, they could easily get distracted him instead of treating him lie a normal person.

Filak brought up an important piece of information. He says to always know the interviewee before you interview them. The interview will be more difficult without doing the research on the interviewee. This goes with having a plan and being prepared before conducting the interview.


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