Reading Response 3

In chapter 4, Knight describes the importance of interviewing. He emphasizes the ability to give a good interview is very important for a journalist or reporter. An interviewer needs to be able to keep the person entertained and not bore them with dull questions. The interview must flow in a smooth pattern and keeping the questions coming and going will help achieve this effect. Personally, I have never conducted an interview so I am interested to see how my first one goes when the time comes.

Filak, in chapter 6, also talks about the interviewing process and how a person can better themselves in this area. He says, “the ability to speak to others and gain information is a basic element of everyday life.” It is so important to have good communication skills when conducting interviews because you want to be able to avoid the awkwardness while speaking. Always be able to create a smooth flow of ideas in an interview, as mentioned by Knight and Filak. Filak also mentions the preparation part of an interview, and that you can prepare by creating essential questions based on research conducted.


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