Thanks…But No Interviews for Me! RR3

The thought of having to do an interview terrifies me. Just the thought of having to talk to people in general terrifies. The way the 4th chapter of Knight’s book started out by him telling the story of the time he had to interview President Nixon made the writer more relatable in a sense that we all can choke and that it’s normal to get nervous when doing an interview.

Knight writes how important wording is in your story and how over describing and over complicating your story can ruin the point you are trying to convey. I this found helpful because I always find myself adding in too many unnecessary words trying to make the story sound interesting, but then I go back to read my stuff and it sounds sloppy.

Filak breaks down the questions a good interviewer should consider when interviewing their source. He writes that a good interviewer takes into consideration who the source is and what the purpose of the interview is so the interviewer can write the best and most accurate story possible. I found chapter 6 of his book insightful because ive never had to do an interview before and I think following the steps in his book, and as well as in Knight’s book, could help me to be more concise in my interviews.

After the readings I am still terrified of interviews and still don’t want to do them, but for whenever the day comes that I do have to conduct an interview, the tips and tricks in the two books will definitely help me to feel more confident in my ability to do so.


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