RR3: Interviewing

Interviewing is a pain in the ass – to most people. I tend to enjoy it, as I enjoy the subject. Interviewing well is harder when the topic and subject are disliked. It is also easier when interviewing is viewed as having a conversation with a stranger. An interview with someone that previously knows you, such as an acquaintance is much more nerve-wracking, than an interview with a stranger. There are always expectations to meet.

Interviews are important so the article are not here-say. Direct quotes from sources keep the story strong and grounded to the topic. It never occurred to me that there were different types of interviews for different types of stories. I feel as though the hostile type gives journalists the bad representation of paparazzi.

The key to interviewing is being prepared. If Knight had been prepared he would not have blown his interview with President Nixon just because he was feeling jitters. Being prepared calms jitters, allows you to think through your questions and helps you navigate the interview with courage and respect.

Images are extremely important to people and companies – as they should be. For that is what gives everyone else a perspective. Such as interviews, not everyone can go up to the President Trump and ask him what materials he wants the wall made out of. The information collected by interview is what forms the stories – giving the story and the writer and the medium credibility.


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