Being who I am, I’ve noticed in the syllabus that we have our first article, a profile story, coming up soon. The fact that this week’s reading centered on interviewing and on writing a personality profile confirmed this, and as I read I thought about who I might interview.

I am an English major. I have not conducted an interview since a middle-school project that involved interviewing a war vet that we knew. I have presented at conferences, led discussions, and taught classes before, though, which means I know how to talk to people and to listen, key elements of an interview. However, while reading I remembered being interviewed for class or the Roar by friends who are Mass Comm majors and/or writers for the Roar. The kind of questions they asked were the kinds of questions suggested to ask by both Knight and Filak– opened-ended, specific questions. Asking for their advice or about their experience interviewing, which I plan on doing, will give me a Piedmont-specific context for conducting interviews and creating questions. This will add to what I’ve learned from the readings, especially since they’ve done the types of stories we’re assigned in this class. I’m looking forward to it.


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