RR #3

Chapter 4 of Knight’s book was absolutely a drag to read, but I did appreciate that it explained how not to conduct an interview. Due to me wanting to be a journalist later in life, it is crucial that my interview be extremely professional. I am one of those people who asks too many questions because I always am afraid that I won’t ask enough. By the end of the interview, I’ve learned about my subject’s entire life. When I am the one being interviewed, I very much like to be asked somewhat personal questions. I feel as though it brings the interviewer and interviewee closer together. I suppose that ties in with Filak, seeing as though that reading assignment explained that knowing your interviewee before conducting said interview always creates a better outcome. Filak’s chapter also helped explain exactly why multiple sources are necessary for a good story. Who wants to read something that is so flat and only can be confirmed by a single person? By finding more sources, your creation has more depth and even more credibility.


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