Reading Response 3: Interviews

A journalists ability to interview is crucial. When interviewing keeping the 5W’s and 1H helps to start out but a more in-depth analysis of the person and their motivations. The interviewer needs to engage the target and keep them engage through the entire interview to avoid half baked answers from the person being interviewed. Knowing where a person is from can also lead to a better relationship between them, helping the tone to be properly set. An interview must flow so to get the best results, allowing for pauses in proper moments to make sure fatigue doesn’t set in for either.

Before going into an interview the person conducting the interview should create a profile and conduct thorough research on the person being interviewed. This is done to reduce any confusion that may be had about the person being interviewed. After the Interview is conducted writing the story can be a difficult task to accomplish. While the details are there for the writer to construct the piece, structuring the story and making it flow can be difficult. I feel that these are the most important things to be taken away from these chapters.


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