I’m not used to journalistic writing, but it’s definitely more my style. All my writing has been academic writing and MLA where the goal is to sound as smart as possible with as many words as possible to meet the page requirements. I’m so used to adding extra words that when I started to learn about journalistic writing, I was relieved on how straight to the point everything could be. “Avoiding Wordiness” in Chapter 5 was definitely a breath of fresh for me in that not everything needs to be long and complicated.

I’ve always been pretty good with deciphering between whether to use “that” or “which”, but when to use “whom”, I never knew. I’ve just always used “who” so I would never misuse “whom” and sound like a pompous snob for using it. I’m still a bit confused on how to use “whom”, but I am getting better at using it.

As far as chapter 6 in using active versus passive voice, I had honestly forgotten about the two. Active voice is definitely more straight to the point – which I like – and it’s more meaningful.

All and all, everything was a great refresher for me and I enjoyed the reading a lot.


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