RR #3: Building the Story, Interviewing

In chapter four I liked how they go into how not to have an interview right off the bat. I liked how the whole first part was based on a big example of how this one reporter was during their interview. I already knew a lot of what was being said but to refresh myself.

The section where it talks about when to stop describing I liked more in this chapter. I liked how they tell you even though it’s written beautifully and with nice wording you can, in the end, sabotage your writing. The section goes into telling you when to stop describing things, nonessentials.

This whole chapter had a lot on what to do in an interview setting as well as how to write without having too many descriptors to where it is unnecessary.

In the interviewing chapter of Filak there are a lot of tips and tricks. It has sections on where the source is one you need and how valuable the story. For me, this chapter was a lot of refreshing on how to interview so most of it I skimmed.

The section I did like was the helpful hints and how it was written almost how you talk to yourself. I am one to overwrite questions and have more then I need and end up not using half the answers to the questions. This section defiantly helped me understand that having precise questions are ok and are more needed.

The purposes for interviews was very interesting to read and see how people take interviews for a lot of reasons I didn’t even know about. I knew about fishing for quotes but provoking a reaction seemed almost unethical. I was always told you want to keep a story as non-biased as possible before getting in regions where it is very skewed.


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