Keaton Benfield: Reading Response #3

I started off by reading Knight’s chapter on “Building the Story” and I enjoyed how he started off by describing his own experience with former president Richard Nixon, how he only only received information that any other reporter could’ve figured out. Knight goes on to talk about the issues that he could have mentioned to the president and how he failed in doing so, telling the reader that this was not how an interview should be conducted.

It was helpful to read about ways to improve an interview and how to obtain more information from other sources if needed in order to fully flesh out the story wanting to be told. Learning about the various techniques that outlets use to write their articles was another interesting thing to take note of here, as well as knowing when to stop describing everything in too much detail.

Filak complements Knight’s chapter very well and it’ll definitely be helpful when we have to begin our own profile assignment. He goes through the process of conducting this type of interview and the importance of secondary sources in order to get a well-rounded perspective on the subject, which I thought was very helpful and I’ll go back to this section when the time comes if I need any assistance.


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