RR #2: The Craft & Active Voice, Action Verbs

These two chapters were very helpful in terms of how in chapter five it was talking how to avoid wordiness. I feel as we grow up he all have learned that the more words you can fit into an essay, paper, or even paragraph the better. This section was helpful in ways of getting your head out of that habit. They give a lot of examples of how to take sentences and take out all the extra bits. It goes on about how to just keep your words as specific with lhaving less. This is very helpful for a reminder on how to write.

In chapter six I like how it goes into active verbs because all through my years I was never taught a way to keep what a verb was in my head. This whole chapter was very informative to how giving a better active voice and knowing what to use can impact your writing.

Linking verbs were a big one for me, so reading this part was probably the part that stood the most.


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